Inspiration for "Redcoats"

Synopsis - During the Revolutionary War, Emily, her daughter Sarah and her two young grandchildren, Hannah and William, are left to fend for themselves and care for the family farm while the men in the family are off fighting for the Patriot cause. With winter approaching, crops dwindling and food in short supply, the women are forced to face their biggest fears when three lost British soldiers barge into their home demanding food, drink and anything else they can get their hands on.

Here's how it all began: I became interested in the stories of women during war, particularly the Revolutionary War. I googled "women in the Revolutionary War." Lots of interesting stories popped up, so many that I was annoyed I hadn't heard of them nor had any films been made about any of these courageous and fascinating women. Where were these stories when I was learning about the Revolutionary War in school? I was particularly interested in the story of Nancy Hart, a woman who was notorious in Georgia during that time for her bravery. Her story inspired me and a seed grew for my own short film idea.

I read Revolutionary War books such as "Drums Along the Mohawk," and "Revolutionary Mothers" both of which captured the vulnerability and anxiety women faced every day during the war. In the vulnerability and anxiety of fighting my illnesses, I identified deeply with these women. Their courage inspired me to keep fighting my own battle.

My sister Tammy/film producer extraordinaire supported me along the way. She encouraged me to be creative and think outside the box story wise. With her feedback, I honed the script in my head for months then sat down and wrote it in a couple of days.